How to use an iPhone 7 plus camera with satisfying results

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How to use an Iphone 7 plus camera with amazing results – Having amazing results is one of the advantages of the Iphone camera. One of the most awesome smartphones and different from the others.

But you can, bro, make your cellphone camera shots even better, as we will discuss this. The iPhone camera itself has been designed to produce real and original photos.

Here Mimin will speak based on personal experience. The first time I tried to use this Smartphone from Apple, my heart felt happy because maybe this was the first time I used an apple product.

Actually the iPhone camera is also not much different from Android cameras in general. But there are some functions and features on the Iphone that allow us to modify ourselves.

How to use an iPhone 7 plus camera is also not too difficult, friends. At least there are some factory default settings that we will reset in our own way. Guaranteed results from this iPhone camera setting are amazing, perfect for those of you who like hunting.

However, not all of the settings that we will provide are suitable for you to apply, therefore, choose our tips and apply them according to your wishes. How to use iPhone 7 plus camera One of the fun ways we often do on picnics is to capture every important moment.

Sometimes when we forget not to bring a DSLR or mirrorless camera, we will stay calm because we have an Iphone cellphone. This smartphone that works well in photography can indeed complement our shortcomings at that time.

How To Use an Iphone 7 Plus Camera

how to use an iphone 7 plus camera
How to use an iphone 7 plus camera

Fortunately, our iPhone camera has been set up like the method below, so we don’t have to worry about the results that are presented. Therefore, consider carefully the following tutorial from our Iphone camera settings.

1. Grid

– First you have to do is open the settings or settings on your iPhone.

– Then please find the Camera menu in settings

– If you find it then click, wait until you enter the iPhone camera settings

– Please activate the Grid By activating the Grid, when you want to photograph a field or object, the results will be precise. But it also depends on the skills you have.

2. Live

The second setting is in the live section, live is one of the superior features of the iPhone camera. This feature besides being able to save can also capture a few seconds of video. So there are some photos that you can use.

You can also choose which photos you want to use. But here we recommend deactivating live mode, because it takes a bigger load than photos. If you are someone who doesn’t really matter with the size of the photo file, it’s fine if you want to activate the live mode.

3. HDR

Please deactivate the HDR code, because in your opinion if we activate HDR mode the resulting photo will be different from the original. It’s like a photo that uses the HDR feature, which has undergone automatic editing by the system.

So here we recommend deactivating the hdr code, then don’t automatically set the settings but just disable them. Then you will produce a real image without any system polish.

4. Photo or Image Format

In the camera format settings, it would be nice for you to set the Most compatible. Because if you set the camera format to the High efficiency setting. So, the results of your photos will experience resize & reduce. But if you follow our iPhone 7 plus camera setting trick, the photos won’t experience optimization in the form of resize or reduce. The photos in the most compatible mode will remain the same even if they are transferred to another device.

5. Scan the QR Code

In this iPhone 7 plus camera setting, we activate the QR code Scan Menu

6. Maintain the settings

In this menu, you can set it all off. Because if you set it to on, the camera settings when taking the previous photo will not change to the original. We mean that if you previously used the HDR setting, when you open the camera, the HDR setting will still be there and live. It’s better if you set off the three modes (camera mode, filter, live photo), please see the picture below

7. Record Video

Here the settings that we recommend are HD 1080P 60 FPS, the following settings are believed to be very compatible and the results are better. Even though there is a 4K video quality setting, it turns out that the HD 1080p 60 fps quality is more recommended.

8. Record Slo-mo

Whereas in the Slomotion setting we prefer to use HD 1080p 120 FPS quality. Guaranteed video results that you will produce are better and more amazing.

9. HDR (high dynamic range)

In this setting we also disable it. We prefer not to activate this mode.

10. Flash

For additional lighting or flash, you should just turn it off. Because to save battery usage. Sometimes if you activate it automatically, the flash likes to turn on itself when there is a little lack of lighting.

Conclusion You can use our features and settings above to get more natural and maximum results.

You can choose for yourself which settings you think should be activated or deactivated. Feel free to experiment and produce spectacular photo and video quality.

Maybe that’s a little information that we can share about how to use iPhone 7 plus camera. Hopefully this is useful and please share this article with your friends. Thank you for visiting this website.

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