Drinking Water refill Stations Business opportunity

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Drinking water refill stations business opportunity that will easily survive in the future. Even though, recently, the business has mushroomed, you should not be discouraged from doing it because everyone needs water for their daily activities.

This business is not difficult to engage, manage and, importantly, does not requires a large space. You just need to find some strategic place to run the business. Based on the data, strategic place gives you opportunity to boost your income by 50% besides competitive price. In a matter of fact, people are very interested in comparing the price. 

Drinking Water refill Stations Business opportunity

1. Business Opportunities

The price differences between one stores to the another ones are insignificant. In fact, the business has some similarities to selling vouchers. People will tend to look for a store with cheaper price even though the price slightly different.

Certainly, pursuing the business is a promising opportunity. Lots of water refill stores are getting more and more successful since the business is very promising. Running this business can drives you to make a huge profits. 

In order to run the business, the first step you need to do is provide the most strategic location. You don’t need a large space to construct the store, a room with a size of 4 x 5 meters is more than enough. Then, you have to find a refining agent as well as assembling tools agent. Usually, it requires a lot of money to construct the store. 

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2. Businessman 

The refill drinking water business is a wide-open opportunity and will be suitable to be run by anyone and anywhere. The community needs of water will continuously growth in rapid ways considering that water is one of the basic and premier needs that must be available at all times. Based on the reasons explained, this business won’t disappoint. Therefore, pursuing this business is the right choice and very recommended. 

3. Customers

As already explained before, everyone needs drinking water. With a huge target market, this should be a great opportunity. Most people nowadays, don’t want to bother boiling their own drinking water, so they prefer the practical and instant way which is to get drinking water from refill stores. 

4. Marketing

Even though it doesn’t actually requires a special promotion, marketing this business can be achieved by distributing brochures or pamphlets around the store location to let people recognize your business.

You can also give bonuses such as free coupons. For example, after refilling 10th times, consumers will get 1 time free refill. This bonus can attract people to buy more at your store which eventually will growth your profits 

5. Advantages

Currently, sources of healthy drinking water are quite difficult to find because the residential areas are getting denser. In addition, people are getting busier with their activities which causes them to choose everything in instant ways including drinking water.

They prefer not to wasting time and energy by making and producing their own drinking water. Therefore once again, this situation really advantages and profitable for pursuing the business. 

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6. Disadvantages

The only obstacles in running this business is trust issues. Nowadays, healthy community compels every aspects of their lives to be healthy which makes them to be more sensitive especially about the quality of their drinking water. So, maintain the quality of your store is a wise choice. 

7. Business Location

For business location, ensure to choose the most strategic place. It will be really great if your store location is around the offices and campuses area. And, the most important thing is to choose a location where the access to store location is easy to discover, remember and traversed by any kinds of vehicles. Besides, providing parking space would be wise choice in order to gives the customers convenience feels when ordering your products. 

8. Promotion Strategy 

Use variety of strategies in offering your products, you might take the advantages of online and offline promotions by introduce your product through most-accessed and used social media such as Instagram, Facebook, whatsapp or even tiktok.

Or, you can use traditional ways by giving brochures door-to-door or offer some collaborations with the nearest school, office, supermarket, bank or hotel. You can also attract customers by giving discounts or coupons for a certain purchase amount. 

The Key to Successfully running drinking water refill business 

There are 4 things can influence the success of running the business. Those are :

1. Quality of Water

2. Competitive Price

3. Good and Friendly Services

4. Most important, Strategic locations 

One more additional thing you can do in running a business is make sure not to be stingy in giving bonuses to customer. A happy customers can gives you many benefit such as affect them to buy more at your store or even asks their relatives to become your customers too. 

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Economic Analysis 

Initial capital 

Store Locations and tools 

Production costs

Employee salary (2 Persons)

Electricity and water

Cleaning Tissues and Cover of gallon


Monthly turnover

Daily turnover

Monthly turnover


Return of Investment

Initial capital : monthly profit 

Above is the key to success and some economic analysis for pursuing drinking water refill business. Hopefully it can provide an overview and inspire you to start drinking water refill business. 

Below is a strategy for starting a drinking water refill business and how to compete with the market 

Strategy to start a drinking water refill business 

Running a business is not easy, especially if you are new and about to start. It will be really difficult for you to offer your product. You will face many various obstacles. If you are not able to survive, then in the end, your business will fall and stop halfway, or the worse is, you stop before even starting it. Now, make sure you prepare various things carefully and details before you start a business. So what are those ? Let’s discuss it. 

1. Give a unique innovations from competitors. 

2. Make your product superior than the competitor’s

3. Maintain the quality of water. You can maintain it by choosing the best water source for your product 

4. Maintain the cleanliness of your packaging and store. It will keep your product from contaminated by bacteria. 

5. Pay attention to packaging design. A good packaging design will perfectly suited to your product and boost customer’s interest in buying your product 

6. Be diligent, especially in doing promotions both offline and online. 

7. Build a good communications to your customers by providing and maintaining good services. 

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